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Bob Dickey - Box Maker (5)

Created on: 21 Jun 2015
I have been fascinated by wood for many years. The range of color, texture and pattern found in woods from around the world provides an almost unlimited creative pallet. Add to this wood’s malleability, and it becomes an ideal medium for creating objects with both beauty and functionality.
Most of my early working with wood was as a do-it-yourselfer, making furniture, cabinets or whatever else we needed around the house. However, for the past 14 years, I have concentrated on designing and building wooden boxes. A box is the ideal vehicle for combining functionality with the elegance and beauty of wood.
  • 4 drawer "pagoda" jewelry box. Black dyed mahogany with birdseye maple drawers.
  • 2 drawer box made of quarter-sawn sycamore with purpleheart accents.
  • Custom 4 drawer box made of curly maple and ebony.
  • A jewelry box made of ribbon sapele from West Africa, and curly maple. The lid design is a Shinto temple gate inlaid with wood veneers.
  • A ribbon sapele jewelry box with spalted maple inlays.

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