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Creating Through Abnormal Times

March 5 through 30, 2021

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We invite our members to create work that expresses how the seismic events of this extraordinary year have impacted you personally. This could include how your life has been changed by the Covid 19 pandemic (i.e.; your mental or physical health, self-care and coping techniques, learning a new skill, your relationships with family, friends or nature, etc.), the impact of the fight for social justice and other issues of civic engagement, or anything else you wish to explore with your art that has been inspired or motivated by 2020.

Entry for BEYOND THE NORM is open to all members. You may join or renew your WDCC Membership at: Join WDCC or Renew/update membership

Applications will be accepted through Monday, January 4, 2021. Notification of accepted works will be sent by January 12.

Application fee: $10 for up to three entries. Please complete payment before filling out your application.

Click here to pay: WDCC 2021 Member Exhibition Application Fee
Click here to apply: APPLICATION

This is a juried exhibition. Artwork entered must be original, crafted by the artist and not shown in a previous WDCC or Alverno College exhibition. Note: Due to space limitations, please limit Width of any hanging work to 24”. Any height is acceptable.

Image RequirementsImages should be in .jpg format at 72dpi, between 1M and 2M in size and 1920ppi on the longest side. 
Please name your image files in the following format: Last Name_First Initial_ # (example: Smith_J_1)

Questions about the Exhibition or application process can be directed to Kathleen Eggert, at:

Opening Reception: Gallery opening reception or virtual reception will be Friday, March 5th. In person reception from 4-8 pm or virtual from 7-8pm.

If conditions allow, the opening will be in person, with artists/guests making reservations for an hour time slot to visit gallery. Gallery staff will meet guests at the door to offer proper face masks and gloves. No more than 15 patrons at one time will be allowed in the gallery area which includes the gallery lobby. Gallery staff will monitor time.

If virtual, Gallery will set up a ZOOM event and send artists the link. We will have break out sessions, if possible.

WDCC will promote the show via newsletter and social media and on our website with images and contact information for the artists.


Alverno College is not responsible for damage or theft of artwork while in transit. Work will be inspected at the time of check-in to the Gallery. Any damage observed will be recorded and reported to the artist immediately.

The gallery uses a suspension hanging system. All work for the wall must be wired for hanging before delivery.* If your work does not allow for wiring, it will be shown on a display stand on a pedestal.
*Exception: Fiber works can be suspended from the ceiling if hung with a dowel.

An intake form and labels for the work will be provided to accepted artists.

This form must accompany your work at time of delivery or with your shipment.

Work can be delivered in person on:

February 26, from 1-4 pm February 27 from 10-4 and February 28th from 11am - 1pm.

All CDC protocols will be followed for the safety of visitors, students and staff.

You may also ship your work to arrive between February 22 - 26. See return shipping information below.


Artworks must be picked up on:

April 7 from 10am - 4pm
April 8 from 10am - 7pm
April 9 from 10am - 4pm
April 10 from 10am - 4pm

Work shipped to the Gallery will be shipped back to the artist using the packing materials it arrived in. The artist must provide a pre-paid return shipping label for USPS, FedEx or UPS, or make arrangements to have the work picked up by the carrier.


All artwork is covered by insurance while on the Gallery’s premises. The insurance value is considered to be the cost of materials plus the artist’s time. This does not include any retail markup.


Artists may offer their work for sale, or may choose not to by indicating NFS. Commissions: Neither Alverno College or WDCC will take a commission. If a potential customer is interested in a piece, the Gallery will collect their contact information and forward it to the artist to facilitate a direct sale.


It is to be understood that no artwork may be removed from the exhibit by the artist once it has been submitted to the show. Alverno College retains the right to reject any works of art that are deemed to be inappropriate. The Gallery shall have the right to use the works or reproductions of same for catalogue and promotional use. The submission of entries constitutes acceptance of all conditions outlined in these guidelines.

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